A full financial statement audit

Give Your Client’s Accounts The Big Green Tick and Grow Your Practice At The Same Time By Focusing On What You Do Best. A full financial statement audit is an independent assessment of your business and the reliability of your accounts.

Why an audit?

An audit provides a credible assurance for external stakeholders. An audit provides an objective and independent examination of your financial statements that will:

  • Increase the value and credibility of the financial statements prepared by management
  • Increase your stakeholders confidence in the financial statements
  • Reduce investor risk

It is a financial warrant of fitness so you or your client can approach investors, lenders or funders for the finance to grow.

An audit determines the validity and reliability of your information and is an assessment of your systems internal controls.

Compliance audits

An audit may be required by:

  • A funder or grant agreement
  • An Act of Parliament.
  • Your organisation’s Trust Deed or Constitution

At D J Turner and Associates we provide your investors, lenders and funders the independent assurance that your financial statements are either free from material misstatement or error. And where there is uncertainty, we identify the key issues that may impact on you.

A positive audit report will secure you the finance and goodwill you need to grow your business.